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The Apriqot Team

Co-founder & CEO

Ken is a skilled leader with deep experience managing and navigating health and human services systems as well as managing internal and external communications for those same systems. He has expertise at all levels of government, including extensive work with health and human services agencies, health care systems, and local health agencies. He has led the development of a Medicaid innovation/ population health management program (Whole Person Care). He has also overseen teams tasked with compliance, HR and labor relations, privacy, finance, legal, and communications. Ken leads all business processes, product management, and client relations.


Director of Projects & Communications

Nicole is a "Jill of All Trades" at Apriqot. She manages projects, conducts data analysis, and oversees our communication initiatives. In addition to her work at Apriqot, Nicole is also a master's student in data analytics at Northeastern's Roux Institute. Previously, she served in public education for a decade, working with learners over the entire developmental spectrum, from preschool to college. The throughlines of her career are an insatiable curiosity about how to make information compelling to diverse audiences and a commitment to organizations and projects focused on serving the public good.


Fractional Chief Strategy Officer

Tim has years of experience conducting health related consulting projects in the public sector and health care industries. He founded and led a national management consulting practice that served all levels of government, health care payors, and health systems. He has helped clients with many different challenges, from implementing large-scale complex health information systems to designing health policies and programs to advance population health. Tim provides strategy, input, and advice for Apriqot’s client services development activities, as well as product and service design and development guidance to help our clients use data and information to improve population health outcomes.


Co-founder & CTO

Kevin has spent years developing methods to improve population estimation and public health surveillance. At the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Kevin has led technical teams working on epidemiology, statistics, demography, survey methodology, informatics, and geography. Over the past two decades Kevin has served as Senior Scientific Advisor, Director of Methodology in the Epidemiology Division, and Director of Data Science and Research for Family and Child health. His responsibilities have included developing the current system for the city’s neighborhood-level population estimates, directing the GIS center, acting as technical privacy officer, leading in-house technical consulting efforts, and serving in multiple data governance roles. Kevin leads the development of Apriqot’s core products.


Data Scientist &
Software Engineer

Xinyan is a Master’s student in Computer Science at Northeastern’s Roux Institute, and she has also previously earned one Master's degree in Environmental Health Science and one in Architectural Engineering. Xinyan’s academic and career journey is a testament to a deep-seated commitment to leveraging her interdisciplinary research background in environmental health science and computer science to tackle pressing public health challenges. As a data and software engineer, Xinyan’s work at Apriqot is driven by the goal of transforming complex data into actionable insights, creating tools that lead to more effective outcomes, and contributing significantly to the sustainable well-being of global communities.


Geospatial Consultant

Rafael G. Ramos, Ph.D. is a geospatial researcher with extensive experience in mapping and analyzing human & environmental data. He has a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of California Santa Barbara, MS & BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Campinas and was a Postdoctoral Researcher at Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE). He has proposed and implemented new methodologies to improve data quality in geospatial applications and conducted studies on urban & environmental crimes, deforestation & conservation, health demographics, and vulnerability to extreme weather events. Dr. Ramos is currently affiliated with INPE, a collaborator at the Center for Studies on Violence at the University of São Paulo (NEV-USP), and a consultant at Apriqot, Inc.


Machine Learning Engineer

Orijeet will join Team Apriqot in July 2024. Orijeet is a Master of Science student at Northeastern University's Boston campus, where he delves deep into the world of computer science. As a graduate researcher at the Institute of Experiential AI, Orijeet combines his passion for data science, machine learning, and software development to drive innovation. Hailing from a family of medical practitioners in India, Orijeet has witnessed firsthand the challenges and devastating impact of public health issues. He is inspired to channel his expertise towards addressing these pressing concerns. His deep-rooted desire to effect positive change in public health fuels his ambition to join Apriqot and to revolutionize the field through data-driven solutions.

Our Advisors


Stuart Sweeney, Ph.D. is a professor of Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has served as Director of the Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research (2012-17) and Geography Department Chair (2017-2023). After earning a BA from UC San Diego, he completed his Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning, the University of North Carolina. His diverse academic research interests span topics from applied statistics, spatial analysis, economic geography, demography, and development.


Deb helps companies create and implement profitable high-growth strategies. She also leverages her experience as a Venture Capitalist in advising and mentoring entrepreneurs. Deb graduated from Brown University in three years where she co-created the Cognitive Science concentration and in 2023, as an alum, co-created the Design-Engineering concentration. After Brown, she went to Bell Labs, creating one of AT&T and Lucent’s highest-revenue generating patents that we all use today. Deb has many roles at Brown University, is the Roux Institute of Northeastern’s Mentor-In-Residence, serves on several boards and just published her first book on product-market fit. 


Dr. Monti is a cardiologist with interests at the intersection of medicine, public health, and entrepreneurship. She has expertise across the product development pipeline and is deeply interested in low-cost scalable projects that solve discrete clinical or public health problems with a razor-sharp focus on product-market fit. She received her undergraduate degree with honors from Harvard College and her medical and public health degrees from Case Western Reserve University.

Balsam pic.jpg

Michael serves as Chief Product Officer for Cecelia Health, a data enabled virtual care platform. He previously led the product team at Govini, a commercial data and analytics firm providing National security leaders with decision-grade information to advance America’s security and competitiveness. Prior to Govini, Michael was VP and Practice Leader for the Business of Data consulting practice at Outsell, where he advised information service providers and industry on data strategy and data-driven workflow solutions. Michael actively works with businesses across industries to productize and monetize data.


Maura is a seasoned design and innovation leader, having spent her career dedicated to bringing change and transformation to some of the most critical of human experiences within health and healthcare. As a Partner at IDEO, a renowned innovation and design firm, Maura's expertise lies in leading multidisciplinary teams, conducting qualitative user research, simplifying the complex, and building actionable design strategies that center human need. She's had the privilege to work with some of the biggest and best healthcare systems in the U.S. as well as some of the most disruptive tech and start-up players to design and create new products, services, and experiences -- both physical and digital -- into the world.

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